Learning and Growth

  • New employee training

    Enterprise culture, enterprise environment, organization and regulation, staff attendance management regulation, welfare system, and labor security and health etc. are included.
  • On-Jot Training

    Complete on-job trainings, such as work instruction, practice, project participation etc. allow staffs to learn from working and acquire knowledge and skills necessary in work.
  • Quality Management

    Abilities to prevent problems from happening and to shoot troubles are developed and realized in daily management for effective operation to improve activity, and reduce variation and waste continuously.
  • Improvement of Professional Knowledge

    Employees are assigned to attend related courses held by the company or external institutes according to duties annually in order to improve technique level of the company, introduce innovation concept and improve management ability etc.
  • Development and Training of Instructor

    Good employees with practice al experiences and professional abilities are developed as internal instructors to transfer professional skills and experiences.
  • Management Ability Training

    Trainings, such as leadership, enterprise management knowledge, communication & coordination skills, operation principle and decision ability etc., are enhanced for various levels of supervisors or potential employees to enhance their management ability and prepare them as management levels of the company.