Labor Security

  • The Office of Labor Security in the headquarter is responsible for integration and specification of related policies and execution procedures of the complete company, specific division of environmental protection, security and health authorities for various factories to execute and manage autonomously, and irregular audit for execution performance of various factories according to annual plan.
  • Fusheng Electronics has specified complete emergency response measures, including emergency process of potential accidents and recovery planning after disaster. Moreover, in order to enhance and improve response and treatment abilities and hazard awareness of employees, various factories hold emergency response drills and fire drills every year.
  • To guarantee security and health of employees, new employees have to accept necessary general educational trainings for security and health for them to understand internal security and health operation regulations, chemical hazard and related accident prevention measures, while current employees have to accept general knowledge educational trainings about hazards. In addition, the company keeps on holding special hazard operation trainings for supervisors and personnel to comply with laws and regulations.
  • To guarantee health and work security, and handle real exposure situation of employees in operation environments effectively, various factories of Fusheng Electronics implement personnel and specific site operation environment measurement semi-annually. Free health examinations are provided to employees annually, and free and special operation health examinations are provided to employees engaging in special operations.