Quality Policy

International Certification, Outstanding Quality

  • Quality Policy

    Identify Regulation, First Time Pass
    Dense Communication, Strict Commitment
    Innovation Encouragement, Active Improvement
  • Quality Certification

    1. In 1994, ISO9002 certification was approved.
    2. In 2002, QS9000 certification was approved.
    3. In 2006, ISO/TS 16949 and ISO9001 certifications were approved.

  • Quality Control

    1. QIT Program has been improved continuously.
    2. 6S Activity has been executed.
    3. Audit has been executed, and compliant speaking and writing has been realized to guarantee reasonability, effectiveness and systemization.
    4. Projects for improvement have been promoted.

  • Customer Services

    1. Complaint Treatment, Countermeasure Realization.
    2. Communication and Coordination with Customers.