Environmental Protection

  • Based on enterprise social responsibility, Fusheng Electronics has promoted environmental protection measures actively, such as energy saving, carbon reduction, greening and cycling etc., and has acquired UL ISO14001 Environment Management System certificate.
  • With respect to sewage prevention, qualified sewage prevention equipments have been arranged in various factories to run 24 hours a day in conjunction with production, and quality of excluded water has been monitored strictly to comply with control standard of various industrial parks.
  • In order to utilize water resource effectively, the amount of water used by equipments and in processes is adjusted and waste water recycle system is improved in order to increase water recycling rate. This has been included as an important policy to be executed by the company.
  • With respect to air pollution prevention, prevention equipments have been arranged in various factories, maintained to run normally, and detected regularly to comply with laws and regulations.
  • For waste management, attention is paid to waste reduction and pollution prevention primarily. To control waste flow, the vendors which clean, treat and reuse waste are selected carefully, and execution performance of the vendors is audited regularly and irregularly, in order to guarantee that all wastes are treated or reused illegally and well without secondary environmental pollution.